Definition of amorist in English:



  • A person who is in love or who writes about love.

    • ‘The drunkard becomes a moral enthusiast as he tells the truth about the amorist, and the amorist as he tells the truth about the sot.’
    • ‘Second, and this is the bit that really gets the Professor's goat, there's the abuse of Orwell, who would have had as little time for arboreal amorists and anarchist cab drivers as he did for Stalin's butchers and their apologists.’
    • ‘‘I know,’ she said, and something in her voice touched the trained sensibilities of the Amorist.’
    • ‘Neither neutral observer nor manic enthusiast, he is a refined amorist of the landscape.’
    • ‘That gives the amorists their chance to trick the husband once again.’
    • ‘Against the odds I seem, in the words of that Cockney amorist, to be ‘some 'ow still about’.’
    • ‘There is, indeed, later evidence that he remained susceptible to women, though he never married and was of too calm a temper, and too thoroughly immersed in intellectual pursuits, to qualify as an amorist.’


Late 16th century: from Latin amor or French amour ‘love’ + -ist.