Definition of amorality in English:



  • See amoral

    • ‘Immorality or amorality in such a system has potential consequences that reach far beyond the well being of the individual's soul.’
    • ‘Violence, profanity, and amorality all have their place in a story, if these qualities are observed or reported truths.’
    • ‘That emotion, when it comes, releases us from the amorality and nastiness of our situation as voyeurs.’
    • ‘But who can doubt that, in a world teeming with narcissism and amorality, in which so many in authority refuse to judge or uphold standards, it serves as a model and an inspiration for millions of Americans?’
    • ‘Its background details - office meetings, package holidays - seemed as significant as the shuffle between lust and love, amorality and a search for meaning: the proximity of banality to tragedy or redemption.’