Definition of amoeboid in English:



  • See amoeba

    • ‘Capable of ameboid movement, these cells wander throughout the connective tissue and congregate in regions requiring their specialized function.’
    • ‘I want all of you to visualise in front of you, a bulbous amoeboid shape which has lots of curves on it, undulating curves.’
    • ‘In these he developed a highly distinctive repertoire of weird subjects - strange amoeboid creatures, insects, and plants with human heads - influenced by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe.’
    • ‘Old waves criss-crossed new waves creating a pattern of interwoven dark and light amoeboid forms which endlessly melted and re-emerged between the ripples.’
    • ‘Then, a bridge-like conjugation tube is formed to connect neighboring cells, and the amoeboid cells from one filament move over into the neighboring filament.’