Definition of amitosis in English:



  • See amitotic

    • ‘Not surprisingly, macronuclei divide by amitosis (except within the class Karyorelictea, in which macronuclear division does not occur).’
    • ‘Besides amitosis, cold-pretreatment also induced some abnormal mitotic behavior leading to the formation of micronuclei.’
    • ‘Because mitotic figures do not occur in adult liver, the binucleate cells are usually assumed to be the result of amitosis, which implies splitting of the nucleus by constriction without the formation of a visible spindle and distinguishable chromosomes.’
    • ‘Two new micronuclei have formed in what would soon become daughter cells, the macronucleus has undergone amitosis, and Cytokinesis is progressing as the cleavage furrow becomes defined.’
    • ‘If a deleterious mutation occurs, the chromosome carrying that mutation can be lost following unequal assortment during amitosis of the macronucleus.’