Definition of Amish in English:


plural noun

  • The members of a strict Mennonite sect founded by the Swiss preacher Jakob Amman (or Amen) (c.1645–c.1730). Now living mainly in Pennsylvania and Ohio, the Amish migrated to North America from c.1720.

    • ‘Communitarian sects such as the Amish and the Hutterites have also found ways of avoiding the more obvious pitfalls.’
    • ‘Amish migration to North America began in 1720 and Europe now has no Amish.’
    • ‘The answer for religious sects like the Amish of North America is to shun bodily vanity through anachronistic adherence to the styles of the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘The 92,000 Amish who live in Ohio and Pennsylvania generate hundreds of millions in annual tourism revenue.’
    • ‘The Mennonites, Amish and Brethren all hold private property.’
    • ‘They call them Pennsylvania Dutch, but the Amish are really Swiss and German.’
    • ‘Like many European Christian sects that sprang forth after Martin Luther, the Amish went to America to lead a life untormented by religious orthodoxy.’
    • ‘While they do not reject all modern technology, the Amish recognize that some are more threatening to their community and its values than others.’
    • ‘The ones from Holland came to the US and settled where the Amish now live, in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.’
    • ‘An estimated 55,000 Amish live in Ohio - more than in any other state.’
    • ‘People think that we are asking the church to be the Amish of Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘Some religious groups like the Amish refrained from using rings at all.’
    • ‘A majority of the nation's Amish live in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio.’
    • ‘Even the Amish who live outside of Pennsylvania speak the Pennsylvania German dialect.’
    • ‘The Amish told the president that not all members of the church vote but they would pray for him.’
    • ‘Traditional people like the Mennonites, Amish, Dunkers and Hutterites maintain a large number of these heritage crops.’
    • ‘Mennonites and their cousins, the Amish, generally stayed aloof from politics.’
    • ‘Only some conservative Swiss Mennonites and Amish still hold on to the sixteenth-century forms of their creed.’
    • ‘The Amish are very religious - but even they cannot keep the secular utterly at bay.’
    • ‘Here in the Pennsylvania Dutch country, the Amish need their quilts for more than just decoration.’


  • Relating to the Amish.

    • ‘After visiting Canada, an American Amish man is not being allowed back into the US because he has no picture identification.’
    • ‘Soon after, we were honored to be invited to an Amish church service, conducted in High German.’
    • ‘So, of course, their ‘challenge’ the next day is for the city kids to put on Amish clothes and go out in public.’
    • ‘When I was living in rural Ohio in the mid 1970s, I learned many common wild mushrooms from farmers and Amish people.’
    • ‘Parochial schools insulate Amish youth from the contaminating influence of worldly peers.’
    • ‘To augment their farm income, many Amish families cook meals for tourists but are not registered with state health agencies.’
    • ‘A growing demand for goat meat among New York City Muslims has been a boon to a livestock auction tucked away in the middle of Amish country.’
    • ‘Because the phones are not used as a form of entertainment and because their essence is an instrument of work, they're now in the toolkits of many Amish carpenters.’
    • ‘Strolling down a covered walkway that spans the site, I counted only a few other gawkers, among them an Amish couple from Indiana.’
    • ‘When an Amish man marries he grows a beard - a moustache is too reminiscent of the military - and it remains, increasing in length with each passing year.’
    • ‘We also saw an Amish couple, dressed in their traditional garb.’
    • ‘It was kind of neat, I learned a bit about the Amish way of life.’
    • ‘One style of quilt is that made by the Amish, or is based on Amish designs.’
    • ‘A visit to Amish country would have been incomplete without a visit to the state of Pennsylvania where there are the largest and oldest settlements.’
    • ‘The Amish ethic of confession extends to answering questions asked by outsiders.’
    • ‘This thought-provoking film follows a group of Amish kids let loose on the world at 16 so they can freely choose whether to return to the church.’
    • ‘The concept of ‘illicit viewing’ is also touched upon through the mention of the tourists who come to peer at the Amish people as if they were monkeys in a zoo.’
    • ‘She still wore Amish dress, but knew she wouldn't join church.’
    • ‘I was working on an Amish farm for a while as a farmer.’
    • ‘So suddenly now I start getting emails asking me about the Amish community, as if I'm the Amish expert.’


Mid 19th century: apparently from German amisch, from the name Jakob Amman.