Definition of amid in English:



  • 1Surrounded by; in the middle of.

    ‘our dream home, set amid magnificent rolling countryside’
    • ‘A lot of younger people sat in the aisle amid the fag ends, gum and dust.’
    • ‘The sight of huntsmen and women riding around in red tunics amid a pack of hounds is often described as picturesque.’
    • ‘It stands in the car park at the turning to Goathland, a patch of concrete amid acres of North York Moors heather.’
    • ‘Snow usually falls amid high winds, meaning that skiing is impossible while it is actually snowing.’
    • ‘These housing projects are cruelly juxtaposed amid the sublime beauty that surrounds Nuuk.’
    • ‘Nine holes later, we walked up the last fairway amid the big grandstands.’
    • ‘To top off her bewilderment, the lad was walking amid his parents who didn't seem to notice at all.’
    • ‘All this after I had the commonsense to slow to a halt amid a growing pack of confused motorists.’
    • ‘Golf at its most challenging will be at the forefront of a new course growing tall amid wooded splendour.’
    • ‘The cabins stand in their own picket-fenced patch of grass amid beautiful countryside.’
    • ‘Only about a dozen homes surround the picture-book church, which is set amid rolling fields.’
    • ‘It stands in a valley amid green hills on the banks of the steel-blue Pichola lake.’
    • ‘Now that I live in the city, the need for a bit of light relief amid the concrete and the traffic is felt more keenly than ever.’
    • ‘It was here, amid the wilderness of the Forest of Dean, that her imagination took wing.’
    in the middle of, surrounded by, among, amongst, between, in the thick of
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    1. 1.1 In an atmosphere or against a background of.
      ‘talks broke down amid accusations of a hostile takeover bid’
      • ‘She is expecting the first guests in two days but, amid the mayhem, she shows great patience with my memories.’
      • ‘The borough council's Labour group leader has resigned her teaching job amid claims of pressure.’
      • ‘The attack came amid a major upsurge in violence across the country that has left a thousand dead.’
      • ‘Park and ride schemes were trumpeted amid much enthusiasm more than a decade ago but took a long time to catch on in Swindon.’
      • ‘It was made amid fears that children and young people are being subjected to violence to force them into marriage.’
      • ‘It has been a tough couple of years amid the high exchange rate and tightened student visa checks.’
      • ‘If she had any doubts about taking a leap into an alien culture, they were banished amid the excitement of being in love.’
      • ‘Three times the tournament has been held here, each time amid high drama.’
      • ‘The accord comes amid a diplomatic drive to end its isolation in the international arena.’
      • ‘The first was sentimental and self-indulgent, the second offered hope amid despair.’
      • ‘In that respect Scotland made progress last week, even if it did so amid a flurry of discouraging headlines.’
      • ‘We are party to the destruction of a city and the dismembering of its country amid growing insecurity.’
      • ‘The recruitment drive comes amid growing Vatican concern about a rise in Satanism.’
      • ‘The operation was under way amid fears for the safety of diplomats in the country.’
      • ‘His application was turned down amid claims of poor legal representation.’
      • ‘This afternoon will help us find this hope amid the struggles and pain of life.’
      • ‘The effort flopped amid claims that he was lukewarm, despite his public protestations of support.’
      • ‘The story is a gothic ghost story set amid the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.’
      • ‘It's difficult to imagine him feeling at home amid the superficial glitz and gloss of the US Tour.’
      • ‘The council went on the defensive amid the flak thrown up by the case.’
      at a time of, in an atmosphere of, against a background of, during
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Middle English amidde(s) (see a, mid).