Definition of amicability in English:



  • See amicable

    • ‘His characteristic amicability often lulled opponents into a false sense of ease.’
    • ‘‘I believe it would be a profound mistake to cast off the experience of the past or to allow our current amicability to relieve us of the need to consider less sunny possibilities,’ he said.’
    • ‘Participants in this contest are judged on the basis of their knowledge of cocktail making and their bartending skills such as amicability, attention to customers, presentation techniques and a sample of the cocktail prepared.’
    • ‘Any additional contractual and legal issues that arise in the partnership scenario will depend very much on the degree of amicability involved in what is essentially a split.’
    • ‘They used a more complex set of criteria to estimate the relative amicability or animosity of the 17 nations that were involved, and found that two stable configurations emerged.’