Definition of American aloe in English:

American aloe


  • another term for century plant
    • ‘The next forenoon, when the sable horseman arrived, he found a roll of crimson baize laid down from the pales before the tavern to the doorway, which was lined by American aloes in tubs.’
    • ‘As one drives through the dry but beautiful Karoo near Graaf-Reinet in South Africa you will see stands of a dark blue-grey leafed plant, which farmers often call the American aloe, and which are all members of the Agave family.’
    • ‘Here, flower lovers can pick from an almost limitless range - roses, lilies, chrysanthemum, forget-me-nots, American aloes, tuberoses and sunflowers.’
    • ‘It is considered the warmest place on the south-west coast, as oranges, lemons, and American aloes bloom in the open air, in the pleasure grounds of Woodville and the Moult.’