Definition of amend in English:



[with object]
  • 1Make minor changes to (a text, piece of legislation, etc.) in order to make it fairer or more accurate, or to reflect changing circumstances.

    ‘the rule was amended to apply only to non-members’
    • ‘In particular, Hawking's own work on black holes (with which Ellis was not directly involved) had progressed faster than they could amend the text.’
    • ‘We seek to amend that document in some minor respects.’
    • ‘This is the slightly amended text of an address he gave to a Quadrant dinner in Sydney in August.’
    • ‘In this connection, it is suggested that the draft be amended with special articles that would reflect the following provisions.’
    • ‘But although it amends the text to include the year, it does not include the date.’
    • ‘We have today amended the text of the guidance on the Department's website.’
    • ‘Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has said he is willing to amend the text to make it clear that conditions and standards for workers will not be affected in any way.’
    • ‘Actually, Madison wanted to amend the text of the Articles of the Constitution, rather than tacking on a Bill of Rights and further amendments.’
    • ‘They could amend that document or leave it as is.’
    • ‘It said it has persuaded several overseas companies to amend their websites to reflect UK law.’
    • ‘Pate says that the document has been amended more than 750 times since 1901.’
    • ‘Since publication, Valder has slightly amended the text of his manifesto, replacing the second last paragraph.’
    • ‘It would not be practical for the council to seek to amend the text in the kind of detail required to make the document acceptable.’
    revise, alter, change, modify, qualify, adapt, adjust
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  • 2Improve the texture or fertility of (soil)

    ‘amend your soil with peat moss or compost’
    • ‘Cosmos will flower best in poor, sandy soil; heavily amended soils and lots of fertilizer result in fewer flowers.’
    • ‘Before replanting, amend soil with lots of fresh compost or organic matter.’
    • ‘Before I planted these choice annuals, I dug big holes and amended the soil with plenty of manure.’
    • ‘Choose a site in full sun and amend the soil with all-purpose fertilizer and 4 inches of compost or well-rotted manure.’
    • ‘Before replanting, amend the soil by digging in compost or well-rotted manure and a handful of balanced fertilizer.’
    • ‘The greens are core aerified twice annually, and soils are amended if a need arises.’
    • ‘It is used in the garden to amend soil and fertilize plants.’
    • ‘Soil that has been amended with either green or animal manures within six months won't need fertilization at planting time.’
    • ‘If you can't afford topsoil, you can amend the soil with compost.’
    • ‘Acidic soil can be amended by the application of compost and a handful of lime at the time of planting.’
    • ‘For maximum performance, amend soil before transplanting and fertilize regularly.’
    • ‘After amending the native soil for planting, dig a hole to accommodate the root system.’
    • ‘She shaped the space with graceful curves, amended the soil with compost, and installed drip irrigation.’
    • ‘Always amend your soil at the end of your growing season and add organic matter again in the spring.’
    • ‘Don't amend the soil with compost or other fertilizers unless your soil is so poor it won't even grow weeds.’
    • ‘If you have a sandy or clay type soil, amend it with well rotted livestock manure or aged compost.’
    • ‘It may be desirable to amend the soil with sand or peat.’
    • ‘Plant each clump in soil that has been amended with compost and a balanced fertilizer.’
    • ‘Composting breaks down waste materials from your garden and kitchen into a nutrient-rich, dark, soil-like matter that can be used to amend your soil.’
    • ‘Less than ideal soils can be amended with compost, manure or other organic matter mixed into the top 12 to 18 inches of soil.’
    1. 2.1archaic Put right.
      ‘a few things had gone wrong, but these had been amended’
      • ‘I mean, Howard Dean has said a lot of things in this campaign that he's subsequently modified, amended or taken back.’
      • ‘He said it would be ‘wholly irresponsible’ to scrap the system and said it could be modified and amended.’
      put right, set right, set to rights, put to rights, rectify, remedy, restore, solve, sort out, straighten out, resolve, deal with, correct, repair, mend, fix, redress, make good
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Middle English: from Old French amender, based on Latin emendare (see emend).