Definition of amblyopia in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Impaired or dim vision without obvious defect or change in the eye.

    • ‘This is very important, because it is estimated that as many as three percent of children in the U.S. have some degree of vision impairment due to amblyopia.’
    • ‘They asked the surgeons to inform them of people with amblyopia who had lost vision in their good eye as adults.’
    • ‘Treatment improved the vision of many of the 507 older children with amblyopia studied at 49 eye centers.’
    • ‘Early detection of amblyopia is critical to your child's eyesight.’
    • ‘Despite problems with follow-up, this study provides evidence that early detection and intervention for amblyopia improves vision in young children.’


Early 18th century: from Greek ambluōpia ‘short-sightedness’, from ambluōpos (adjective), from amblus ‘dull’ + ōps, ōp- ‘eye’.