Definition of ambiguously in English:



  • 1So as to be open to more than one interpretation:

    ‘the new clause is ambiguously worded’
    • ‘Every line, both verbal and musical, is ambiguously literal and self-critical.’
    • ‘The set of four gouaches on paper ambiguously stages tensions among the four men in a barren gray landscape.’
    • ‘It is a surrealistic tale ambiguously told on the subject of alien abduction.’
    • ‘To casually term her the "love" of a social inferior is playing fast and loose, or at the very least, unnecessarily ambiguously, with the evidence.’
    • ‘Extracts from the novel are included, which show somewhat ambiguously the conventionalism of the writer.’
    • ‘The painting is a self-portrait with the figure ambiguously caught somewhere in the mid-ground of opposing bedroom mirrors’
    • ‘Such poems as these complicitly and ambiguously critique racism, sexism, and violence.’
    • ‘Her record company launched a campaign to re-situate her not as an Anglo singer with an ambiguously "foreign-sounding" last name.’
    • ‘Forgiveness was the punctum I found in Unforgiven and which is already there in the text, if ambiguously.’
    • ‘They suggest that female characters are often ambiguously placed as retributive agents and eroticized victims of violence.’
    1. 1.1 So as to be open to doubt or uncertainty:
      ‘a developing adolescent of ambiguously defined sexuality’