Definition of amateur dramatics in English:

amateur dramatics

plural noun

  • 1The production of theatrical performances by non-professionals.

    ‘my father was always heavily involved in amateur dramatics’
    as modifier ‘an amateur dramatics group’
    • ‘Her father was a photographer who encouraged his daughter's interest in amateur dramatics - skills she was to put to good use later in life.’
    • ‘After reading politics at York University, where he enjoyed amateur dramatics, he left determined to study at the prestigious Old Vic Theatre School.’
    • ‘A husband and wife team who have dedicated their life to amateur dramatics and the visual arts have both been awarded the MBE.’
    • ‘I remember Larry telling me once that amateur dramatics was the backbone of our industry.’
    • ‘A local amateur dramatics group is hoping to bring a British trophy back to Pembrokeshire.’
    • ‘The words amateur dramatics conjure up a variety of images, few of them flattering, which usually involve draughty village halls, variable singing skills and shaky stage sets.’
    • ‘They had met while performing in an amateur dramatics play.’
    • ‘This is his first venture into pantomime but he has a wealth of experience in amateur dramatics.’
    • ‘Acting provided Gwen with a confidence boost and, as a bank clerk by day, she became a leading light in the wonderful world of amateur dramatics by night.’
    • ‘She has starred in dozens of plays since she was a child and hopes to set up an amateur dramatics group to encourage more young adults to get involved in drama.’
    • ‘" A lot of people in our profession are very disparaging about amateur dramatics, but I think it is absolutely essential.’
    • ‘The monthly newsletter lists craft fairs, coffee mornings and amateur dramatics shows.’
    • ‘She had a lifelong love of amateur dramatics, having first trod the boards at the Little Theatre in Aberdare in 1934.’
    • ‘We met through a shared interest in amateur dramatics.’
    1. 1.1informal Theatrically exaggerated or overemotional behaviour.
      ‘the amateur dramatics from the striker seemed to sway the referee’
      • ‘I have a feeling that he won't make the same mistake again: I doubt anyone will after the amateur dramatics of this past week.’
      • ‘The amateur dramatics of her extended "between producers sulk" is proof enough that nearly all the songs here just weren't ready enough.’
      • ‘A player will 'play for a penalty' or 'go to ground' if there is contact but it won't usually be accompanied by hammy amateur dramatics.’
      • ‘The powers-that-be did little to encourage his amateur dramatics.’
      • ‘I may have chosen a tempestuous bunch to hang out with, but at least we were left to get on with the amateur dramatics ourselves.’
      • ‘His amateur dramatics were a sight to behold.’
      • ‘There is absolutely no need for any of these amateur dramatics.’
      • ‘His revolting attempt at amateur dramatics against the Turks aside, they have confounded everyone and begun, finally, to convince themselves.’
      • ‘If a wee guy like Jimmy can live with the kind of brutal treatment he was sometimes subjected to on the pitch then there is no reason for the amateur dramatics players get involved in today.’
      • ‘His amateur dramatics in the league win over Celtic apart, he has made no great impression this season.’