Definition of amassment in English:



mass noun
  • 1The accumulation of wealth or other resources.

    ‘capitalism encourages the amassment of money’
    • ‘Again the amassment of troops, machines, and matériel was insufficient.’
    • ‘While exploring ideas of anxiety, autobiography, and taxonomy, Amundson and Gour's work goes beyond posing the question of why people collect, and seeks to understand how people delineate their existence through the amassment of things.’
    • ‘That happiness is to be achieved primarily through consumption and amassment of material possessions.’
    • ‘In the midst of this immense amassment of capital and impoverishment of workers and peasants, corruption is the rule of the day.’
    • ‘The film played in perfect synchrony with rhetoric about the necessity of increasing military power and the amassment of nuclear arms.’
    • ‘He remarked recently on "the reluctance of many of our colleagues" to acknowledge the unconstitutional amassment of power by the White House.’
    • ‘Her broad shoulders have carried European women's professional golf for over a decade, while a glance at her record shows more than 60 tournament wins round the globe and the amassment of $8 million in prize money.’
    • ‘Its rise is one of the wonders of world history - a chain reaction of conquest and conversion, an amassment not just of territory but of millions of hearts and minds.’
    • ‘The Thrissur Vigilance court's verdict dismissing the wealth amassment case against him that day made Prof. Thomas and his friends happy.’
    • ‘He invokes the Constitution as if that document only checks and does not also aid the national-security state's amassment of power.’
    1. 1.1count noun A mass or quantity of something that has gradually gathered or been acquired.
      ‘the sheer amassment of evidence seems convincing’
      ‘amassments of words’
      • ‘The length of the rock amassments on the valley floor is 1.5 km.’
      • ‘Along with his world-class Mantle collection, Spence also owns one of the greatest amassments of PSA graded cards in existence.’
      • ‘Although the Proustian amassment of details may create the effect of "truthfulness", it does not interest Fedor due to his cult of imagination.’
      • ‘This is the tabulation I built for my kids' Lego amassment.’
      • ‘But after weeks or months submerged in water, what remains is an off-white amassment of curvilinear bones that can be washed and whitened with hydrogen peroxide to be labelled and placed in a display case for the remainder of time.’
      • ‘The Givens Collection houses a growing amassment of papers relating to the Givens family, which includes photographs, newspaper clippings, and some organizational records of the Givens Foundation of African American Literature.’
      • ‘It's that magical time of year again, when everyone expects a new iPad to be right around the corner, which in turn means an amassment of iPad 3 rumors clogging up our lives.’
      • ‘These measurements avoid dangerous amassments of molluscs along the nets and snails may be fed more quickly and weeding is facilitated.’
      • ‘Meyer boasts a remarkable amassment, highlighted by works from the Taos Society of Artists and the Cowboy Artists of America, that is valued in the millions and admired by art aficionados.’
      • ‘The result is an often jarring - the sound may change drastically from one single to the next - amassment of repeatedly beautiful material.’