Definition of altruist in English:



  • See altruism

    • ‘And efforts to entice environmentally conscious consumers to pay extra for ‘green power’ have attracted only a small number of energy altruists.’
    • ‘Doctors can no longer be regarded as white-coated altruists who are moved by the will to heal; they have become shrewd and aggressive shareholders and investors.’
    • ‘This altruist was only persuaded to come forward when he realised he might use the money to help others, and is now considering setting up a charitable foundation.’
    • ‘Unlike the human examples, these animal altruists do not perhaps deserve to be called heroic, and they are acting only in defense of their own kin.’
    • ‘Of course, it's not exactly hard to find billionaires who think of themselves as altruists regardless of the obscene amounts of wealth they accumulate.’