Definition of although in English:



  • 1In spite of the fact that; even though.

    ‘although the sun was shining it wasn't that warm’
    ‘although small, the room has a spacious feel’
    • ‘The joke was that although John called me posh, he came from a far better off family than I did.’
    • ‘Yet although the project was appearing to gather steam all was not well behind the scenes.’
    • ‘A better day could not have been had and although it was still early I was knackered.’
    • ‘Mr Cumming said although new drugs were good news for patients, they still had to be paid for.’
    • ‘The short answer is that although the industry was privatised it was not given its freedom.’
    • ‘We are a small team and although the numbers of cases are small it takes a long time to treat each person.’
    • ‘It hardly oozes charm now, although there have been a few attempts to gentrify it.’
    • ‘How all of this will end is still uncertain - although we can be sure that the end is not in sight.’
    • ‘It's not just that the pace of basic innovation has slowed in your field, although it has.’
    • ‘He admitted that although overall crime levels had come down, the fear of crime had not.’
    • ‘She said Mr Brown had agreed to conduct the service, although it was not his usual church.’
    • ‘He used his scooter to get to work and although he would no longer be able to ride it, he was still paying back a loan on it.’
    • ‘They may have been famous faces but although they may have left the club the club has never left them.’
    • ‘I'm still amazed by the calmness of the sea although it does now at least have some rollers.’
    • ‘We even know the name of our delivery driver, although he came while we were out.’
    • ‘He likes the fact that although the club has a cosmopolitan feel it still clings to old values.’
    • ‘That seems to work for me, although as you mention it does leave them in the database marked as spam.’
    • ‘We can agree the deletion of the second paragraph, although this is a statement of fact.’
    • ‘We kept on coming back on safaris, but although we longed to move here we knew it was just a distant dream.’
    • ‘It seemed that although the road is single track they would need to install traffic lights.’
    in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, notwithstanding the fact that, notwithstanding that, even though, even if, for all that, while, whilst
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    1. 1.1 However; but.
      ‘he says he has the team shirt, although I've never seen him wear it’
      • ‘They were not the first to do this, although they are certainly the most successful to date.’
      • ‘This came to me in my sleep last night, although I had to check the facts at Wikipedia.’
      • ‘The square still exists, although the structure itself is a right old mess these days.’
      • ‘I kept a diary through much of my teenage years, although it was a bit intermittent.’
      • ‘Extra beds can be put in to create family rooms, although it's a bit of a squeeze.’
      • ‘My eyes are ok now although for some reason I can't read road signs very well at the moment.’
      • ‘Jake is back to playing his recorder although fighting it might be a better description.’
      • ‘It took a few years for Xfm to get back on track, although I still can't listen to it today.’
      • ‘They mate for life, although tales of them pining away after the loss of a mate have not been proven.’
      • ‘It felt a bit heavy although I would be tempted to use it in the winter months because it gave my skin a glow.’
      • ‘She said it was wonderful to see everyone again although she wished for more time to speak to them all.’
      • ‘There is no conclusion to its cause although evidence points at a genetic source.’
      • ‘It is illegal for both team members to bid nil, although each team can have a player bidding nil.’
      • ‘Eric still owns a clean driving licence, although he has not driven for five years.’
      • ‘The moon is largely responsible for our tides, although the sun also plays a small part.’
      • ‘Once again tickets will go on sale soon, although numbers will be strictly limited.’
      • ‘His squad were ravaged by injury, although he didn't seek to use this as an excuse.’
      • ‘She's very happy and is engaged to be married although the date's not yet been set.’
      • ‘Even now she feels the effect of the illness although it seems, at last, to be under control.’
      • ‘The building will stay, although it could be relocated to another part of the site.’


The form although can be replaced by though, the only difference being that although tends to be more formal than though. Some uses of though are not interchangeable with although, however: for example, adverbial uses (it was nice of him to phone, though) and uses in phrases with ‘as’ or ‘even’ (she doesn't look as though she's listening)


Middle English: from all (as an adverb) + though.