Definition of alternative vote in English:

alternative vote


  • An electoral system whereby voters rank candidates in order of preference. In the event that one candidate fails to achieve a sufficient majority, the candidate with the fewest number of first-preference rankings is eliminated and these votes redistributed, the process being repeated until one candidate achieves the required majority.

    ‘support for the alternative vote is now very strong’
    as modifier ‘the alternative vote system’
    • ‘Unfortunately the voting system they favour the alternative vote (AV) has serious weaknesses.’
    • ‘I believe the alternative vote system will help rebuild the trust and authority given to our elected representatives.’
    • ‘The party's approach to the alternative vote will be a test of whether Labour can win real power and whether it deserves to’
    • ‘A debate is under way among ministers, kicking around the alternative vote (AV) system, which allows voters to name their second as well as first choice.’
    • ‘Under proportional representation, even with a tame alternative vote system, it would be worth citizens' while to go out and vote for a party closer to their views.’
    • ‘There is a debate raging about whether to hold a referendum on the day of the next election to switch from the current first past the post voting system to the alternative vote.’
    • ‘There is a case, he concedes, for the alternative vote, a one, two, three listing of candidates in order of preference.’
    • ‘This afternoon MPs will vote on the third reading of the constitutional renewal and governance bill amended to offer a national referendum on the alternative vote (AV).’
    • ‘There will be a referendum on introducing the alternative vote system for elections.’
    • ‘The proposals for electoral reform by the 1998 Jenkins commission combine the Australian system of the alternative vote with a small top-up to ensure greater proportionality.’
    • ‘The promised referendum on changing to the alternative vote (AV) electoral system must happen, and happen soon.’
    • ‘Second preferences on the alternative vote ballot paper are expected to be decisive.’
    • ‘Ministers will this week confirm plans to hold a referendum next year on adopting the alternative vote system for electing MPs.’
    • ‘Other proposals include a referendum on adopting the alternative vote system and a free vote on reducing the voting age to 16.’
    • ‘The alternative vote takes on the considerable strengths of our system and I suggest, builds on it.’
    • ‘Instead of complaining about constituency boundaries, the Conservatives should back a referendum on the alternative vote.’
    • ‘"The alternative vote has many attractions, including the fact that you have to get 50 % plus one in that constituency, therefore you have a greater legitimacy," he said.’