Definition of alsike in English:


(also alsike clover)


  • A tall clover which is widely grown for fodder, native to Europe and naturalized in North America.

    Trifolium hybridum, family Leguminosae

    • ‘As a precaution alsike clover should not be fed to horses in amounts greater than 5% of the feed.’
    • ‘Hay or pasture containing a large percentage of alsike clover is generally not recommended for horses.’
    • ‘Horse owners should be able to recognize the different red, white, and alsike clovers so that poisoning can be prevented.’
    • ‘Nutritionally, white and alsike clovers are similar to alfalfa.’
    • ‘A cool and moist environment is ideal for alsike clover growth; it has poor heat and drought tolerance.’


Mid 19th century: named after Alsike in Sweden; Linnaeus mentions the plant growing there.