Definition of alpinist in English:



  • A climber of high mountains, especially in the Alps.

    • ‘The Zmutt Ridge was climbed by the famous English alpinist Albert Frederick Mummery in 1879.’
    • ‘While I'm not an alpinist myself, this book has been inspirational in all my outdoor activities.’
    • ‘In 1893, alpinist Malcolm Ross completed the climb alone saying it was one of the most difficult he'd done.’
    • ‘He's fast becoming the best Himalayan alpinist of this or any generation.’
    • ‘Operating without adequate fuel reserves was one of the issues that put these four alpinists in trouble.’
    • ‘Russian cross-country skiers have explored the region for 30 years, but it's been largely missed by alpinists.’
    • ‘When Washburn was 16, his father, an Episcopal minister, took the family on a six-month sabbatical to Europe, where the fledgling alpinist summited Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.’
    • ‘This month, alpinist Mark Synnott tests the sharpest new ice axes, crampons, ice screws, leashes, and screamers.’
    • ‘Backcountry skiers, especially European glisse alpinists, wanted the benefits of this latest alpine gear, only with the option of lifting their heel for hiking.’
    • ‘Many top alpinists set off on expeditions with a Washburn contact print, a hand-drawn map, and a scouting report sent by Washburn himself.’
    • ‘I perceived him as an alpinist ready to climb the Mont Blanc.’
    • ‘In the future, alpinists will treat Mount McKinley like a quadruple-black-diamond downhill run.’
    • ‘The town's location at the foot of Europe's highest mountain and the centre of every serious alpinist's universe is not in question.’
    • ‘They did it alpinist style: just the two of them roped together and carrying all their equipment on their backs.’
    • ‘Still, although these preclimb climbing trips have honed many an alpinist's mental acuity, mountain acumen, and technical skill, they are usually too short to effectively jump-start physiological acclimatization.’
    • ‘By 20, he was regarded as one of the boldest young alpinists in the country.’
    • ‘I'd asked Mark Twight to be my partner because he was a bold alpinist known for climbing fast and light, an ascetic philosophy I live by.’
    • ‘And let it be known that Michael Kennedy is also an accomplished skier, loves ski mountaineering, and has plenty of insight into issues important to glisse alpinists.’
    • ‘You can bike, swim, or run your way to a stronger heart and lungs, but since climbing demands more than just cardio fitness, trail running works best for alpinists.’
    • ‘No alpinist worth his ice ax wants to be accused of climbing a mountain in lesser style than those who came before.’