Definition of alpha male in English:

alpha male


  • 1The dominant male animal in a particular group.

    ‘two of them trotted over to greet the alpha male, a black wolf with a greying muzzle’
    • ‘This means the pups that her pack help care for may not all be fathered by the alpha male.’
    • ‘The pack hasn't produced pups since the alpha male died two years ago.’
    • ‘They mark it steadily, the alpha male and the alpha female of the pack lifting their legs at this or that bunch of grass as the pack moves along.’
    • ‘Chimps and gorillas (and many more animals) have an alpha male.’
    • ‘However, it has recently been found that the alpha male in many species is the one who is most socially skilled, as opposed to being physically the strongest.’
    • ‘The black alpha male labeled R - 10 (r for red) belonged to the "experimental-nonessential population" of eight Canadian wolves released in Yellowstone National Park in January 1995.’
    • ‘Each group is led by an alpha male, who is distinguishable from the others by his deeper, throatier voice.’
    • ‘While a wolf pack's organizational structure is brutally hierarchical - for example, in most cases only the alpha male and female mate - the animals are capable of surprising affection and compassion.’
    • ‘When she's on the pack's territory, the alpha male is the only male who mates with her.’
    • ‘One alpha male rules the group, and there is a strict pecking order all the way down to the lowliest monkey, who is picked on by everyone.’
    • ‘At least a dozen wolves, including the pack's alpha male, rushed out and surrounded her.’
    • ‘If the alpha male's amygdala is destroyed, the monkey quickly descends the social scale.’
    • ‘Since collaring, he has rejoined a small pack of four or five animals, though whether he himself is the alpha male remains uncertain.’
    • ‘Suppose the alpha male stays on top for a couple mating seasons (usually they do).’
    • ‘Mawa is the alpha male, the leader of the group, who likes to throw stones at people.’
    • ‘One low-ranking male keeps the alpha male busy, by causing a fight, while the other male goes off with the female.’
    • ‘At Bossou, they recently observed a mixed-sex group, including the alpha male, scream excitedly and then attack a hyrax that fell out of a tall tree.’
    • ‘The Leopolds have been the most stable pack in Yellowstone, run by an alpha male and an alpha female that were among the original wolves brought here from Canada.’
    1. 1.1 A man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations.
      ‘two alpha males constantly competing to be the best’
      • ‘Like all problems of group dynamics among men, this can be resolved by the example of the alpha male.’
      • ‘When one of these alpha males left to get some water, a competitor snatched his coveted position.’
      • ‘I have no problem in chatting up beautiful women, and I am in certain cases the assertive alpha male.’
      • ‘I see this this elderly lady standing near a seat occupied by this twenty-something undergraduate-type alpha male.’
      • ‘He is undoubtedly the alpha male of the clan, whose charisma and anecdotes occupy much of the resulting taped interview.’
      • ‘Second off, how can you know how to please an alpha male if you don't even know how to please yourself?’
      • ‘The alpha male finished his final bourbon and dropped some change by way of a tip.’
      • ‘His rivals have been industrious in meeting this need, jostling each other in their attempts to stake their claim as the silver screen's ultimate alpha male.’
      • ‘And I have come to agree with the alpha male: lies are necessary for survival.’
      • ‘Of course seeing that he was this alpha male he clearly felt I was no competition for him.’
      • ‘Exhausting games of one-upmanship with the office alpha male?’
      • ‘Comparison of the six categories of leaders reveals a number of interesting similarities and differences between them, showing the importance of the interaction between the presumably universal drive to became the alpha male and the cultural and political context.’
      • ‘I was laughing to myself about our attempts to be the alpha male over something so trivial.’
      • ‘The alpha male will always grab as much space as he can - whatever he does for a living.’
      • ‘With his dark blazer, gray slacks and power-red tie, his entire being screams "alpha male," as does his body language.’
      • ‘His colleague and ideological soulmate (at least in terms of economics), the Minister for Finance, has made his own bold bid for recognition as the cabinet's leading right-wing alpha male.’
      • ‘People who run for office and like power are alpha males.’
      • ‘Randy is clearly the alpha male on this tour.’
      • ‘Scottish actors are a peculiarly reticent species, but he is the alpha male.’
      • ‘If they are indeed candidates, this election could turn into the battle of the 50-something alpha males.’