Definition of aloha in English:


noun & exclamation

  • A Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone.

    • ‘The song is Hollywood, but Hoku's voice, her face, and her smile are pure aloha, the music as lilting as Hawaiian slack-key guitar.’
    • ‘There was definitely that reggae / aloha / island style growing up here.’
    • ‘Designer Harry Rice completed the aloha fantasy by bringing in full-grown palm trees and other foliage for the two air-conditioned tents where the 300 guests were entertained.’
    • ‘It's just different from a regular school, I guess because of the values, the concepts that they use like ‘ohana’ and ‘aloha’.’
    • ‘Say aloha to a slimmer you: try these Hawaiian-inspired recipes to lose weight and increase your energy.’
    • ‘Little by little, a spirit of aloha will wash over the entire family, smiles will radiate more freely, and family bonds will be renewed.’
    • ‘In spite of the diversity the common thing of these islands is aloha, the spirit of welcoming.’
    • ‘Teachers also talked about the Hawaiian value of aloha.’
    • ‘Though there's aloha for many things in Hawaii, when it comes to this issue, there's not much aloha.’
    • ‘The season is over, the playoff matchups set (although I for one was hoping to see a Yankees-D-Rays contest today) and it's time to bid aloha to 22 teams.’
    • ‘The word aloha means many things: hello, good-bye, peace, and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of welcome and identity within the larger community.’
    • ‘It is through their eyes that we can experience the islands' authentic spirit - generous, creative, diverse, loving: the spirit of aloha.’
    • ‘The hang-loose gesture of surf culture - a raised fist with the pinky and thumb out - is in fact the Hawaiian shaka gesture, communicating the spirit of aloha, or love and civility.’
    • ‘Instead of aloha from Hawaii, Spruce is greeted in the Arctic by angry mosquitoes that proceed to hospitalise him.’
    • ‘Baby Hawaiian pineapple: This one hails from the islands of aloha and stands about an inch taller than the South African baby pineapple.’
    • ‘‘Much aloha and thanks to all of you for your efforts on this issue,’ Heroldt wrote in an email to supporters (including Alliance staff).’
    • ‘Back down at the resort, the luxurious little spa is waiting to say aloha with heaven-sent treatments that soothe away all your sins (well, almost).’
    • ‘Enjoy these nutritious, easy-to-make meals all summer, and say goodbye to your excess pounds - and aloha to a slimmer you!’
    • ‘The leis, symbols of aloha rooted in the Hawaiian spirit, are increasingly made from flowers grown elsewhere.’
    • ‘While we offer the ubiquitous aloha greeting, the lei of nonnative flowers, the real issues of Hawaiian cultural survival largely go ignored.’


Early 19th century: from Maori aroha ‘love, affection, pity’.