Definition of almond paste in English:

almond paste


mass noun
  • Marzipan.

    • ‘Among the more spectacular constructions is the Icelandic kransakaka - made from rings of almond paste piled into a pyramid and the centre filled with chocolates.’
    • ‘Among the country's many food specialties is an endless array of pastries, which incorporate succulent oranges and creamy almond paste.’
    • ‘Holiday pastries flavored with almond paste are a major component of Dutch baked goods.’
    • ‘Here in France during the winter, the windows of pastry shops are lined with all sizes of Galettes de Rois, disks of caramelized puff pastry filled with almond paste.’
    • ‘He would add some fallen columns in the Romantic style, a little ‘moss’, made from almond paste dyed green with spinach, and, on the column which would be nearest the most honoured guest, write in royal icing her name: ‘Lady Morgan’.’