Definition of almandine in English:



mass noun
  • A kind of garnet with a violet tint.

    • ‘She described star garnets (almandines) from Emerald Creek, Idaho, as opaque.’
    • ‘Rhodolite, a red variety that usually has a tinge of purple in it, is a mixture of almandine and pyrope.’
    • ‘Garnet has a general grain size of about 3 mm and its composition is almandine, pyrope, spessartine and grossular.’
    • ‘There are instances of quartz on almandine, quartz intergrown with almandine, quartz as an inclusion in almandine, and almandine as an inclusion in quartz.’
    • ‘Associated with the quartz are crystals of almandine, kyanite, biotite, and magnesite.’


Late Middle English: from obsolete French, alteration of alabandine, from medieval Latin alabandina (gemma), ‘jewel from Alabanda’, an ancient city in Asia Minor where these stones were cut.