Definition of alluringly in English:



  • See alluring

    • ‘Each table is decorated with carefully attended tealights which allow lovers to stare alluringly into each others eyes.’
    • ‘The fabulous thing about these brownies is that each one is different, depending on which sweetie happens to be sunk alluringly into the mixture.’
    • ‘Her ‘edge’ was nothing of sophistication or superiority, but rather, a seductive softness, that drew in its prey, alluringly.’
    • ‘But Ferrick's a resourceful alley cat of a performer, and the angst she suffers seeps alluringly into her croaky, staccato vocals and percussive acoustic guitar strums.’
    • ‘The neon blue sign glared down alluringly, and as the sound of music and laughter filtered through the glass windows, Ethan couldn't help but wonder what Nathan was doing at the moment.’