Definition of allurement in English:



  • See allure

    • ‘The law prohibits conversion from one religion to another by ‘the use of force or allurement or by fraudulent means’.’
    • ‘Contemporary American adolescents have become much more work oriented generally then those of a generation or so ago, mostly because they have been exposed to the costly allurements of a consumption-obsessed America.’
    • ‘If there is allegory here, it cuts both ways: not only must the shepherd resist the allurements of the false woman, but the bride must resist the advances of a charming but ultimately scurrilous suitor.’
    • ‘It was held that the attractive-looking berries constituted an allurement to children for which the defendants were liable.’
    • ‘I was walking with some girlfriends one sunny day and the conversation drifted around to what one thing we would wish for to make us feel better about our physical allurements.’