Definition of allowable in English:



  • 1Allowed, especially within a set of regulations; permissible.

    ‘the loan deal has been extended to the maximum allowable three months’
    • ‘In the top left hand corner of the motherboard, there is the memory voltage jumper - this controls the maximum allowable memory voltage.’
    • ‘By contrast, the retributive theory places strict limits on the allowable punishment.’
    • ‘Worse, the nuclear reactor installation was done poorly, exposing the engine crew to five times the allowable annual dose of radiation.’
    • ‘John would know exactly the parameters on what would be allowable.’
    • ‘This Scheme introduced a mechanism to limit the total allowable commercial catch of salmon.’
    • ‘Washing machines with the Energy Star designation are 50 percent more energy efficient than the current minimal allowable standard.’
    • ‘They detail a number of tactics that the Justice Department believed were allowable.’
    • ‘The key to the water resources plan for the Condamine-Balonne is a 10 per cent reduction in allowable water harvesting during environmentally important flows.’
    • ‘The allowable portion is one half of the realized business investment loss.’
    • ‘The baler density setting should be set to its maximum allowable position.’
    • ‘This may require segregating the grain for allowable uses.’
    • ‘Any type of target archery arrow is allowed up to the maximum allowable size of 9mm diameter.’
    • ‘For cells, this flow rate is further limited by the maximum allowable shear stress on the cells.’
    • ‘In determining total allowable catches this formulation has proved notoriously open to over-optimistic assessments by the members of high seas fisheries commissions.’
    • ‘These tight restrictions on allowable moves, players say, make checkers in many respects more difficult than chess.’
    • ‘This year the two companies will fish their given quotas out of the 195 000 total allowable catch.’
    • ‘The proposal is far above any allowable development in the area.’
    • ‘Whey protein has a score of 1.0, the maximum allowable value.’
    • ‘An angular interval between prescribed two of the at least three identification elements indicates a maximum allowable rotational speed of the rotor.’
    • ‘Here, its application is intended to provide the information necessary to define maximum, allowable levels of mercury in Everglades food webs.’
    permissible, permitted, allowed, admissible, acceptable, legal, lawful, legitimate, licit, within the law, authorized, sanctioned, sanctionable, approved, above board, within accepted bounds, passable, tolerated, tolerable, proper, all right, in order
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  • 2British (of an amount of money) able to be earned or received free of tax.

    ‘tax is payable after deduction of allowable expenses’
    • ‘In the case where these items are member - owned, a deduction is allowable for the rental cost to the extent of the work related use.’
    • ‘The company has 5,000 of other business expenses, all allowable for Corporation Tax purposes.’
    • ‘Higher rate taxpayers should get pension tax relief of 42 per cent on these sums up to the maximum relief allowable.’
    • ‘In an honest attempt to fund their retirement accounts, many individuals contribute amounts in excess of the allowable limits.’
    • ‘The cost of these items are a private expense and thus not an allowable deduction.’
    • ‘He said the Government had offered them the maximum rates allowable.’
    • ‘There is no charge to participate, and ESPA will provide hotel accommodations and reimbursement for other allowable travel expenses.’
    • ‘According to the Costs Grid, an hourly rate of up to $400 is allowable for costs on a substantial indemnity scale.’
    • ‘A fees officer scrawled "not allowable" next to it.’
    • ‘While allowable under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, "these practices were obfuscating the real performance of companies and misleading millions of unsuspecting investors."’
    • ‘If your modified adjusted gross income exceeded the allowable limits, all or some of your contributions could have been non-deductible.’
    • ‘Financial support, and changes in USDE guidelines in allowable expenses, could also be extremely important in minimizing student attrition.’
    • ‘Carry back is also useful for people seeking to boost their pension who will contribute the maximum amount allowable in one tax year.’
    • ‘The allowable rate for claims changes from year to year so check with your accountant or refer to Tax Pack 2000.’
    • ‘Members should be aware that all expenditure incurred in deriving exempt income will not be an allowable deduction.’
    • ‘But for all employees the maximum pension allowable is two-thirds of "final" salary.’
    • ‘Bank fees, Government duties tax or Debits Tax charged on amounts withdrawn from accounts, where these amounts are used for purposes for which a work-related deduction is allowable.’
    • ‘Generally, no tax deduction is allowable in the case of travel between home and work.’
    • ‘Advertising costs and the legal cost of drawing up rental leases are also allowable as deductions.’
    • ‘The first € 1,270 of net gains - gains after allowable prior year and current year capital losses - by an individual in a tax year are exempt.’