Definition of allotment in English:



  • 1British A plot of land rented by an individual for growing vegetables or flowers.

    • ‘Membership is open to anyone interested in organic growing, be it garden, farm, allotment, backyard or window box.’
    • ‘They had hoped to establish a second hive on the allotment as their colony grew, but now say there is no way they will keep bees where they are clearly at risk.’
    • ‘The council will examine ways in which fruit and vegetables from allotments could be distributed to deprived communities.’
    • ‘I would advise all residents who have considered renting an allotment to ‘come and have a grow’.’
    • ‘I'm an impatient person, which can be a problem when you're trying to grow fruit and vegetables on an allotment.’
    • ‘She has her own organic allotment in York and is looking forward to learning from the experts on her travels.’
    • ‘The couple have grown vegetables on two allotments on the Pickards Field site behind their home for 11 years.’
    • ‘How many of these people rent the allotments or use the recreation ground regularly?’
    • ‘Obviously having an allotment and growing everything from lettuces to blackcurrants on it helps in terms of eating locally.’
    • ‘For years, he has been providing him with prime vegetables from his flourishing allotment at very little cost.’
    • ‘The allotments are used for vegetables and fruits; these form the main bulk of our food.’
    • ‘Growing vegetables and flowers on an allotment is not an exact science and some years are better than others, John explains.’
    • ‘And, as I'm all for equality so my husband has to have somewhere to go as well, beyond the four walls of our house, I've rented an allotment - a little plot where he can go to do what men do.’
    • ‘It's Easter weekend, and I don't have long to post because there is serious garden / allotment pootling to be done.’
    • ‘The wild cornflowers and sunflowers I grew on the allotment last year were a big hit: this year I'll be branching out with some retro dahlias.’
    • ‘Some of them have nice gardens at home for flowers, and want the allotments to grow vegetables.’
    • ‘As newlyweds in the 1940s, the couple had rented a small allotment and grown potatoes, cabbages and salad crops, to help enrich their restricted diet amid post-war rationing.’
    • ‘After capturing her childhood memories of rural Westmorland in The Green Lanes, author Betty Emmaline Walker has now turned her attention to the years of allotment gardening she has shared with her husband.’
    • ‘Their families eke out a living from a few goats and what they can grow on rough allotments.’
    • ‘The town is a patchwork of houses and public buildings interspersed with allotments where fruit and vegetables are grown.’
    1. 1.1US historical A piece of land made over by the government to a North American Indian.
      • ‘Other measures, most notably the Burke Act of 1906, allowed Indians to sell their allotments.’
      • ‘Each nation was forced to accept individual allotments from a tribal land base, their nations were dissolved, and they were forced to become citizens of the new state.’
      • ‘But by 1926 all of the Oklahoma reservations (except the Osage mineral reservation) had been broken up by allotment.’
      • ‘After Ojibwa families took their allotments, unallotted land on reservations was then sold to the public.’
      • ‘For the Choctaws in Oklahoma, allotment proved to be disastrous.’
  • 2mass noun The action of allotting something.

    ‘the allotment of equity securities’
    • ‘Therefore, allotment of seats to youth festival winners for professional education courses should be stopped.’
    • ‘You are right to blame the airlines, by the way: It is their design and their allotment of space that has turned coach accommodations into sardine cans for humans.’
    • ‘The Estates arranged for the allotment and collection of taxes, disbursed revenue for public works, and granted the king a portion of the taxes known as the don gratuit.’
    • ‘The authorities concerned should not permit allotment of sites in a layout till the government's specifications are met.’
    • ‘The threat of delisting was related at the time to the fact that this allotment of shares had been made.’
    • ‘My decision to leave after 4th year came down to subject choice and teacher allotment.’
    • ‘In the second phase, the collection of tax from private car owners, registration of vehicles and allotment of numbers to the newly registered vehicles would be performed by the computers.’
    • ‘The allotment of shares in the Estate Company, in satisfaction of the purchase price under the 1924 Contract, was made on 29th October 1924.’
    • ‘However, some parents felt the organisers needed to devote attention to details such as time management and allotment of space for parents to wait while their wards were taking the test.’
    • ‘And for many writers this allotment of time can seem altogether binding and a difficult task to stick to.’
    • ‘Over the years, students from rural and semi-urban areas manage to get a seat via a single window system of allotment.’
    allocation, assignment, issuing, issuance, awarding, grant, granting, administration, earmarking, designation, setting aside, budgeting
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    1. 2.1count noun An amount allotted to a person.
      • ‘The government would in turn pay farmers and landowners for quota allotments initially granted to limit production and support prices.’
      • ‘The Fin Review reported that there was heavy demand for the JB shares and many applicants had their requested allotments severely scaled back.’
      • ‘Unsalaried county sheriffs in Mobile and throughout the South received sizable allotments from state coffers to house and feed prisoners.’
      • ‘You can view and print the actual scanned images of audited company accounts, changes in directors, allotments of shares, mortgages or charges and all recent documents filed.’
      • ‘In the second stage the company will make a preferential allotment of 1.6 million shares to Star TV.’
      • ‘The entire course is laid out for you with resource listings, websites, time allotments, lists of materials needed, and detailed steps of instruction.’
      • ‘Mr Mwencha said payments for share allotments is expected to be completed over a maximum period of 12 months commencing in January.’
      • ‘If we start from an initial equality of resources brought about by the equal auction mechanism, individuals might then go on to use and invest and spend their resource allotments in various ways.’
      • ‘They also note that D.C. programs could receive their full allotments by the time a spending bill weaves through Congress and reaches the President's desk.’
      • ‘It sold the upper leases to New Guinea Goldfields Limited in return for an allotment of 90,000 paid-up shares of $1 each in that company.’
      • ‘Dosages can range from minimal allotments to toxic amounts with a variety of outcomes.’
      • ‘A few weeks ago I commented that many of our Lower Mainland lakes were being stocked with noticeably smaller allotments of rainbow trout.’
      • ‘Although the no work no pay policy was in place throughout the strike, staff will also be compensated through extra payments in small allotments.’
      • ‘He then stated: ‘There is no reasonable prospect of equivalent allotments being provided, so there should be no allocation.’’
      quota, share, ration, grant, limit, portion, allocation, allowance, helping, batch, slice, stint, lot, measure, proportion, percentage
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