Definition of allopatry in English:



  • See allopatric

    • ‘The predominant view is that new species arise most often in allopatry where geographically isolated populations of the same ancestral species diverge progressively.’
    • ‘The allopatry of Middle American subspecies, and their diversification, may be attributable to habitat preferences.’
    • ‘For instance, positive correlations between size and dominance were evident among juvenile Atlantic salmon and brown trout when the two species were in allopatry but not when they were living sympatrically.’
    • ‘In general, sizes of island individuals are approximately intermediate in size between those in the region of origin (where they are sympatric and small) and those in the region of allopatry.’
    • ‘Second, differentiation may have evolved in allopatry following long-distance dispersal of ‘founder’ individuals across pre-existing barriers.’