Definition of allopatric in English:



  • 1(of animals or plants, especially of related species or populations) occurring in separate non-overlapping geographical areas.

    Compare with sympatric
    • ‘Some zoogeographic species consist of two or more related populations that are allopatric in distribution (geographically separate) and are inferred to be reproductively isolated from each other.’
    • ‘For example, have allopatric populations of a parasitic species independently evolved egg or nestling mimicry of the same host species?’
    • ‘Biological species status is more complex, and application of the biological species concept to allopatric populations is problematic.’
    • ‘The two species have a largely allopatric altitudinal distribution on Hokkaido Island, Japan, proposed to be the result of temperature-mediated competition.’
    • ‘Patterns of diversity of beech in Europe are not complicated by the existence of interfertile species, except for the presence of an allopatric related beech species in Asia minor.’
    1. 1.1 (of speciation) taking place as a result of allopatric separation.
      • ‘Relatively large genetic distances between populations suggest long periods of isolation and allopatric speciation.’
      • ‘Such barriers are some kind of geographic feature which isolates parts of populations, and leads to allopatric speciation.’
      • ‘If most speciation is allopatric, what would we expect to see in terms of the fossil record?’
      • ‘In the classic case of allopatric speciation, gene flow is eliminated completely because of a geographic barrier.’
      • ‘I have no competence to debate his scientific ideas - if speciation is mostly allopatric, or if it is sympatric, or something else, that is not a philosophical matter.’


1940s: from allo- ‘other’ + Greek patra ‘fatherland’ + -ic.