Definition of allopathic in English:



  • See allopathy

    • ‘The rise in bacterial resistance has prompted recommendations that allopathic doctors prescribe fewer antibiotics, which, in turn, has led to a search for alternatives.’
    • ‘The authors use a set of icons to alert the reader to clinical implications, interpretations, or topics that might be naturopathic or allopathic in origin.’
    • ‘Various alternative therapies including reiki, breathwork, and acupuncture are quickly emerging as alternatives to conventional allopathic medical treatments.’
    • ‘The Wellness Centre, which delivers aromatherapy, pranic healing, dietetics and Ayurveda to enhance allopathic services at the hospital, will shortly augment its alternative medicine packages.’
    • ‘This healing method can also be successfully combined with other therapies such as hands on healing, massage, shiatsu and can even work alongside allopathic medicine.’