Definition of allogenic in English:



  • 1Geology
    (of a mineral or sediment) transported to its present position from elsewhere.

    Often contrasted with authigenic
    • ‘It is accompanied by homogenous, allogenic micrite that fills some voids.’
    • ‘Lying in the northwest of the Forest of Dean, UK, the Slaughter Rising is a major resurgence, fed by a web of allogenic inputs and background autogenic drainage east of the River Wye.’
  • 2Ecology
    (of a successional change) caused by non-living factors in the environment.

    • ‘Over time-scales relevant to the later stages of mire succession, allogenic forcing factors are significant and may be responsible for driving the direction and rate of species turnover.’
    • ‘Our study supports the hypothesis of allogenic coexistence of American beech and sugar maple in Warren Woods.’