Definition of allogamy in English:



mass nounBotany
  • The fertilization of a flower by pollen from another flower, especially one on a different plant.

    Compare with autogamy
    • ‘Similar patterns were observed for 100% allogamy and 10% allogamy.’
    • ‘Simulations were based on a Wright-Fisher model, with two modifications: separate sexes (with an equal sex ratio) and strict allogamy (no selfing).’
    • ‘The allogamy in the genus Helianthus is favoured by the particular mechanism of anthesis in which anthers shed pollen before the stigma of the same flower is ready to receive it.’
    • ‘Changes in floral morphology are normally required to promote either autogamy or allogamy.’
    • ‘This specialized system is thought to be an adaptation promoting allogamy by secondary pollen presentation.’


Late 19th century: from allo- ‘other, different’ + Greek -gamia (from gamos ‘marriage’).