Definition of allocator in English:



  • See allocate

    • ‘During this same period, of course, the growth of the regulatory state made government vastly more important as an allocator of wealth and opportunity.’
    • ‘Patients in varying contexts may be more or less aware and willing to accept that their doctors are allocators as well as givers of care, but they must feel that their doctors are on their side.’
    • ‘I agree that the market place is generally the most efficient allocator of resources and that increased competition will usually result in cheaper rates for consumers, improved security of supply, and improved service.’
    • ‘The U.K. has figured on a baseline egalitarian approach where everyone gets a potential of unlimited care; the queue ends up being the de facto allocator of the scarce resource.’
    • ‘With this in mind, earlier this year many of the asset allocators at the large investment firms reckoned it was time to start moving away from small companies back into mid and large caps - fuelling some of the rise earlier in the year.’