Definition of alleviation in English:



mass noun
  • The action or process of making suffering, deficiency, or a problem less severe.

    ‘peace, security, and the alleviation of poverty were high on the agenda’
    • ‘This is a precious gateway into the alleviation of suffering, which I believe to be our principal task on this earth.’
    • ‘By 1996, more than 6,000 advisors had been trained in basic trauma alleviation methods.’
    • ‘They had high hopes that the assembled powers would agree to an alleviation of the imposed restrictions.’
    • ‘There is some evidence of community participation in flood management and alleviation.’
    • ‘A tremendous good coming from biotechnology will be the alleviation of human misery through progress in medicine.’
    • ‘We are an international agency concerned with the alleviation of human suffering.’
    • ‘He discusses scientific investigations of the claim that prayer can bring about alleviation of pain and faster recovery times.’
    • ‘For some, alleviation of the drug abuse problem will serve to reduce related criminal behavior.’
    • ‘Preliminary trials showed that patients with asthma show some alleviation of symptoms after exposure to these bacteria.’
    • ‘Alleviation of tensions requires restraint on the part of many parties.’