Definition of allelopathy in English:



mass nounEcology
  • The chemical inhibition of one plant (or other organism) by another, due to the release into the environment of substances acting as germination or growth inhibitors.

    • ‘It's unlikely that allelopathy will totally replace herbicides in weed control.’
    • ‘Secreted secondary compounds are positioned to be leached to the soil, in some cases for the purpose of contributing to allelopathy.’
    • ‘The effect on seedling germination is a well-known phenomenon in allelopathy.’
    • ‘It can provide a potent mixture of allelopathy and shade for the soil, inhibiting weed seed germination.’
    • ‘He speculated that competition for light or water or allelopathy might be factors limiting the growth of seedlings within native populations.’


1950s: from Greek allēl- ‘one another’ + -pathy.