Definition of allegretto in English:


adjective & adverb

  • (especially as a direction) at a fairly brisk speed.

    • ‘Nevertheless, it does match the reduced forces of the chamber score and settles into a nice fit in the allegretto movements.’
    • ‘It's more allegretto than andante, like a Brahms symphonic intermezzo.’
    • ‘‘Yes,’ he had in a pause regained his allegretto humour.’
    • ‘The buoyancy of the first movement was slightly exaggerated by all three musicians: the allegretto indication does, after all, bear the qualification poco.’
    • ‘Marked allegretto scherzando, in the key of A minor, this piece has a lively, playful spirit.’


  • A movement or passage marked to be performed allegretto.

    • ‘There are more sensuous pauses and pensive gulfs between his allegrettos and adagios.’
    • ‘Schiff was not afraid to make a wistful gesture in the adagio with a slight bending back of his head, nor to smile during the most tender phrases of the allegretto.’
    • ‘A slow, caressing opening statement leads to a jaunty allegretto and then to a rondo with a distinct gypsy flavor.’
    • ‘Following the intermission there was hardly pause enough to take one's seat: Gergiev lunged forward into the allegretto, his hands caressing the strings as if consoling an infant.’
    • ‘The conductor's subtly, phrased, light treatment of the first movement and the long unbroken lyrical line of the Andante quasi allegretto really made the music glow anew!’


Italian, diminutive of allegro.