Definition of allamanda in English:



  • Any of a number of tropical shrubs or climbers which bear showy yellow or purple flowers.

    Several species, particularly in the genus Allamanda (family Apocynaceae)

    • ‘You'll delight in the colors and fragrances of the climbing white stephanotis vine, yellow allamander and oleander.’
    • ‘Plumerias are native to tropical America and related to mandevillas, allamandas and oleanders.’
    • ‘The trellis above the rooms was laden with pink and yellow allamandas and bougainvillea.’
    • ‘She has divided her own garden into ‘rooms’ separated by borders of shrubs - mussaenda with pink and red blooms, allamandas in a whole range of colours and the white balls of spirea, or bridal wreath - all in the shade of huge trees.’
    • ‘Yellow allamanda has a white milky sap in all parts, which oozes out as soon as it is broken.’


Modern Latin, named after Jean-Nicholas-Sébastien Allamand (1713–87), Swiss naturalist.