Definition of all told in English:

all told


  • In total.

    ‘they tried a dozen times all told’
    • ‘Yet all told, its simplicities are gloriously redeemed by the novel's intricate take on sexuality, and its ecstatic and gilded prose.’
    • ‘Red Deer Press did well, with five awards all told, but even this didn't match their 1999 performance.’
    • ‘So February looks to be pretty promising all told.’
    • ‘So, a surprising weekend all told - it's going to be a lot fun showing our guest just a taste of what this fine little colony has to offer.’
    • ‘They have won three out of the last four championships and all told, have won a total of seven.’
    • ‘Unlike the Smiths, there were probably only a dozen men all told in this group.’
    • ‘The huge increase in health spending has brought a staff rise of 160,00, with the NHS now employing 1.3 million all told.’
    • ‘Anyhow, I ended up coming out feeling springy and fit, and only missed breaking my record by 60 seconds, so it wasn't so bad, all told.’
    • ‘It is, all told, one of the purest experiences you can have.’
    • ‘SRU supremo Bill Watson said that Premiership One clubs will lose an average of two players, which is up to 20 players all told.’
    in all, all told, in toto, taken together, in sum, counting them all
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