Definition of all over in English:

all over


  • 1Completely finished.

    ‘it's all over between us’
    • ‘It's all over between us.’
    • ‘It's all over for homophobia.’
    • ‘It’s all over for this systems company. The 20-hour days put in by its CEO and many of its crew of 70 for the last five years have gone for naught.’
    • ‘It's all over for the Archbishop.’
    • ‘I can't believe it's all over!’
    • ‘It's all over, but it could be messy.’
    • ‘It’s all over between Shravani and Zaheer.’
    • ‘So you think it's all over?’
    • ‘However, a pal claims that it is all over between them.’
    • ‘Gaughan stretched the lead to nine, a minute later and it seemed all over but Castlerea weren't finished.’
    • ‘It's all over between Kate and Pete, as she chucks out her belongings.’
  • 2informal Everywhere.

    ‘there were bodies all over’
    • ‘I radioed in that there was oil all over, but I got through it and we finished in one piece.’
    • ‘The past pupils came from all over to join in the celebrations.’
    everywhere, all over, all around, in all places, in every place, far and wide, far and near, here, there, and everywhere, extensively, exhaustively, thoroughly, widely, broadly, in every nook and cranny
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    1. 2.1 With reference to all parts of the body.
      ‘I was shaking all over’
      • ‘By the time he'd finished I was beaming all over, eyes wide in delight as I listened to him.’
      • ‘Sweat was beading on his body, he was shaking all over, and he was breathing hard.’
      • ‘I'm shaking all over and sweating and my legs feel weak.’
      • ‘My body was shaking all over as I left the room, and I prayed to God I wouldn't trip on the way out.’
      • ‘By the time I was finished I was hurting all over again, but this time I was not going to cry.’
  • 3informal Typical of the person mentioned.

    ‘that's our management all over!’
    • ‘That's him all over: irreverent, outspoken, outrageously good company.’
    • ‘See, that's you all over.’
    characteristic, in character, in keeping, to be expected, usual, normal, par for the course, predictable, true to form, true to type
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  • 4informal Effusively attentive to.

    ‘James was all over her’
    • ‘Becky, now awake, lived up to her billing for her character and was all over Mike.’
    • ‘If I were 15 years younger I'd be all over her,' he thought.’
    • ‘Every time a 'hunk' shows up, they're all over him.’
    • ‘I went to the party and I had women all over me.’


all over

/ˌɔːl ˈəʊvə/