Definition of all in all in English:

all in all


  • On the whole:

    ‘all in all it's been a good year’
    • ‘But all in all, I would much rather have been running on the straight.’
    • ‘But all in all, Brown has good reason to envy the performance of the American economy.’
    • ‘There was no point in justifying her actions because all in all, it embarrassed HIM!’
    • ‘It's an extremely odd little movie, all in all, and it's a little tough to understand the high expectations.’
    • ‘But all in all, I was pretty confident coming back in here this morning.’
    • ‘They wreak havoc on our nervous systems and, all in all, make for generally unsavoury experiences.’
    • ‘I think we both recognised that what we had done was, all in all, a low-down thing.’
    • ‘So all in all, apart from the obvious need to drive, I think it's something I really want to do.’
    • ‘Taken all in all, this is probably the biggest humanitarian relief operation in history.’
    • ‘It is, all in all, quite a spectacular living space, and there is a strange feeling of deja vu.’
    • ‘Although the site may have been different, all in all, the annual celebration of this culture was a success.’
    • ‘It took barely five minutes to respond to my call following a heart attack, and all in all no less than four medics were in attendance.’
    • ‘This was the first outing and all in all, a very successful learning experience.’
    • ‘So all in all, it was a very nice evening and I thank everyone who voted me the thing but couldn't be present.’
    • ‘So, all in all, I have begun looking for shows I think come from this sort of thinking.’
    • ‘So all in all, they are asking you to close your eyes and believe.’
    • ‘So, all in all, I would still say the economy is a major issue for American voters at this point.’
    • ‘The bar is set very high for animations now and all in all, this is just a distinctly average film.’
    • ‘So, all in all, it baffles me that more British anglers don't hunt out asp specifically when they're travelling abroad.’
    • ‘It was hard at times, like when money was tight, but all in all, he was great.’
    all things considered, considering everything, on the whole, taking everything into account, taking everything into consideration, at the end of the day, when all's said and done
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