Definition of all (the way) down (or along) the line in English:

all (the way) down (or along) the line


  • At every point or stage.

    ‘the mistakes were due to lack of care all down the line’
    • ‘They are exploited all the way along the line by labour recruiting companies and employers alike who frequently treat them as little more than slave labour.’
    • ‘The living-wage legislation that the City Council then crafted and passed, with heavy union input all down the line, subjected every business in the tourism district to its terms - except unionized hotels.’
    • ‘At every point, I thought somebody was going to resolve the matter, but all the way along the line, whoever I went to just made it worse.’
    • ‘The price pressure goes all the way down the line, and certainly goes to the contract manufacturers.’
    • ‘We're going to campaign against it all the way down the line to the Senate vote and on to the election.’
    • ‘They totally contradicted themselves all along the line.’
    • ‘We're asking customs authorities to tighten up surveillance all along the line.’
    • ‘In other words, the falling rate of return on long-term risk-free Treasury debt has lowered rates of return all along the line.’
    • ‘If you remove that important link from the top of the food chain, you're going to have some real problems all the way down the line.’
    • ‘There is going to be absolute heartbreak all the way down the line.’