Definition of all (or just) the same in English:

all (or just) the same


  • 1In spite of this; nevertheless.

    ‘she knew they had meant it kindly, but it had hurt all the same’
    • ‘Just the same, I wouldn't mind if at least one of this duo returned a phone message I left on an answering machine last week.’
    • ‘Xander was certain that she was just doing this to spite him, but it rankled all the same.’
    • ‘All the same, I wouldn't necessarily wish that kind of "miracle cure" on anybody. The transformation of my emotions and consciousness was so radical that I couldn't really handle it.’
    in spite of everything, in spite of that, nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, however, but, still, yet, though, be that as it may, for all that, despite everything, despite that, after everything, having said that, just the same, at the same time, in any event, come what may, at any rate, notwithstanding, regardless, anyway, anyhow
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    1. 1.1 In any case; anyway.
      ‘thanks all the same, but I've something better to do’
      • ‘Overall, then, perhaps more intriguing than arresting, but an evening well spent all the same.’
      • ‘Doing that is extremely difficult, but it needs to be done all the same.’
      • ‘Thanks all the same, I normally only date people that are my age or older, but thank you.’
      • ‘Tabassum feels that it is a hectic profession, yet it is extremely rewarding all the same.’
      • ‘It's far from perfect, ignores half of everything I play, but fun all the same.’
      • ‘Interesting, but I like it just the way it is really, thanks all the same Frank.’
      • ‘I've already had my winter illness thanks all the same, I don't want it again it's boring!’
      • ‘It was not a particularly distinguished knock in any way, but it was a knock all the same.’
      • ‘Scotland had their victory, a scratchy affair but a victory all the same.’
      • ‘Food parcels may be harder to put together but necessary all the same.’