Definition of all-round in English:


(US all-around)


  • 1attributive Having a great many abilities or uses; versatile.

    ‘an all-round artist’
    • ‘His versatile genius and all-round knowledge elevated him to a position second only to that of Aristotle.’
    • ‘An almost obsessive trainer, the father of three should be in peak condition for the event and the route should suit his all-round abilities.’
    • ‘Boasting all-round ability at various sports she mentioned at Huntington School, where she was a pupil, that she fancied trying to get a game of golf.’
    • ‘It doesn't seem at this stage as if either Craig or Gavin are going to do much serious bowling in the future and their all-round abilities have been badly missed this summer.’
    • ‘But few doubt that Laver's all-round abilities and character would have made him a dominant character whatever era he played in.’
    • ‘Richard Hardy showed his all-round ability by winning the second York Lightning championship with maximum points.’
    • ‘A lot can go wrong in this supreme test of all-round ability, but the 29-year-old has given himself a shot at glory.’
    • ‘Because he was scheduled to play, I haven't seen much of him in serious training, but the fact he is here from a Premiership club tells you all you need to know regarding his, and indeed the other lads' all-round ability.’
    • ‘It will not replace your family car but its all-round strengths and the ability to carry up to five occupants mean that it has a wider appeal than might appear at first glance.’
    • ‘In its original concept, Supermoto was designed to test a racer's all-round ability on a variety of surfaces.’
    • ‘These indispensible little gadgets started life in America, made by a tool manufacturing company in Arkansas and transform kitchen life with their all-round grating ability.’
    • ‘The new car's seating flexibility and all-round versatility combine the appeal of the popular MPV format with superior driving dynamics and one of the most spacious luggage compartments in its class.’
    • ‘He plans to prove his all-round ability by moving from Manchester Velodrome's indoor track to a week of road racing in Majorca.’
    • ‘As far as the team is concerned, the experience and all-round rugby ability that he brings to the squad will be sadly missed.’
    • ‘She has outstanding retail flair and excellent all-round skills across design, buying and merchandising as well as a strong appreciation of technology, product quality and sourcing.’
    • ‘The flair he has brought to the position, fuelled by an all-round ability which sees him contribute regularly on the scoreboard, is testament to Boylan's man-management capacity.’
    • ‘She demonstrated her improving all-round ability with a 5th in both the 100 metre and long jump and 2nd in the discus.’
    • ‘‘He has grown up with that all-round technical ability,’ says Clifford.’
    • ‘Jon Bon Jovi shows his all-round ability as one of the best singer/songwriters in the business.’
    • ‘On all-round ability and overall dominance, he should have been well ahead, but the intangible nature of what makes a great champion is plainly still missing.’
    adaptable, flexible, multifaceted, multitalented, multiskilled, many-sided, resourceful, protean
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    1. 1.1 In many or all respects.
      ‘his all-round excellence’
      • ‘Tourists from Germany were adjudged the best behaved, beating the respectful Japanese and Spanish, and were also voted best all-round holidaymakers.’
      • ‘Its large curly, brightly coloured leaves and vigorous habit make it an excellent all-round ivy.’
      • ‘Michael Schumacher is gunning for his 10th win in 11 races this season, and Silverstone should perfectly suit the all-round excellence of his Ferrari.’
      • ‘Walder's all-round excellence, including scoring the only try of the match and kicking two drop goals, was the decisive factor in Newcastle ending a run of six consecutive defeats here.’
      • ‘It is called the University of Western Sydney, a centre of science and all-round excellence.’
      • ‘These are generally aimed at people seeking to be news journalists, but it's an excellent all-round training for some of the essential skills of broadcasting.’
      • ‘It prides itself on offering an excellent all-round education and meeting the needs of all its students.’
      • ‘The Met Office is a good, all-round weather site, with some excellent features.’
      • ‘Cost effective, powerful, flexible and, most of all, accessible, SMP is an all-round, excellent media production tool.’
      • ‘It is widely accepted that a complete, all-round excellent education has to go well beyond good teaching in the classroom.’
      • ‘You forget how young they are when they go out and play because they have such excellent all-round games.’
      • ‘Mrs Higgs said she was put forward by suppliers and designers in the business for the category, which recognises excellent all-round service to the industry and general public.’
      • ‘An excellent all-round display by teenager David Wilkinson saw Rawdon defeat Adel by one wicket in the semi-finals.’
      • ‘This was an excellent all-round team performance with the forwards winning good possession and the backs making the most of the clean ball they were presented with.’
      • ‘Nevertheless it was still an excellent all-round performance and a good game despite the windy conditions.’
      • ‘Finally, to complete a weekend of excellent all-round performances, 11 members participated in the Rothwell 10k.’
      • ‘White made excellent all-round contributions in the first four Ashes Tests before suffering the injury.’
      • ‘I've lived there for close to two years now, due to equal parts laziness, nice flatmates, and the all-round excellence of my room.’
      • ‘Moreover, although highly respected in his own field, Stewart's all-round experience can be viewed as narrower than that of his predecessor.’
      • ‘In each case, Lexus owners themselves testified to the all-round excellence of Lexus product, performance and after sales service.’
  • 2attributive On or from every side or in every direction.

    ‘the car's large glass area provides excellent all-round vision’
    • ‘The Superb was certainly quiet on the move, with virtually no noise intrusion even at high motorway speeds, and for such a big car, all-round visibility is excellent with few blind spots.’
    • ‘Complete with armrest, the driver's seat is adjustable in three directions, making for comfortable operation and good all-round visibility.’
    • ‘Once in the cab, the excellent all-round visibility is particularly notable, with large tinted windows, wing mirrors and an adjustable rear view mirror.’
    • ‘By combining narrow pillars with a large glazed area, the cab offers an excellent all-round field of vision.’
    • ‘Air-con, trip computer, electric windows all-round, front, side and curtain airbags, remote central locking and CD / radio are standard.’
    • ‘The cockpit has a large bulletproof bubble canopy, which gives good all-round vision.’
    • ‘Visibility levels are superb, with the large front and side windows allowing good all-round vision.’
    • ‘All cabs have a bright and airy feel with excellent all-round visibility, thanks to a large windscreen.’
    • ‘Where the Matrix scores visibly is its deep side windows providing good viewing all-round, and its steeply raked windscreen which also helps with the aerodynamics.’
    • ‘The large glass area gives excellent all-round visibility and a bright airy feel to the cabin.’


  • A gymnastic event in which the scores of each individual exercise are totalled to determine the winner.

    • ‘Carly Patterson won the gold medal in the all-around competition.’
    • ‘She not only won that all-around, but went on to win the next 4 all-arounds in which she was entered, and 6 out of the 8 total all-arounds in which she participated during the season.’
    • ‘In world championship all-arounds, he was 15th in ‘74, 12th in ‘78 and 18th in ‘79.’
    • ‘Six teams have qualified in each of the six regions in addition to five all-arounds not on a qualifying team and four individual event specialists from non-qualifying schools.’
    • ‘Again, the top eight in each event and top four all-arounds move up to the next level.’