Definition of all-inclusive in English:



  • 1Including everything or everyone.

    ‘an all-inclusive holiday’
    ‘the book doesn't claim to be all-inclusive’
    • ‘I'm really excited about it; it's going to be a huge celebration week - all-inclusive, where everybody can take part.’
    • ‘This all-inclusive hip hop event, presented by Café Graffiti and many helping hands, aims to unite the splintered realms of Montreal hip hop in a one-day, unifying culture blast.’
    • ‘This alone may induce many of the youth to at least try to understand what Indian culture is really about: an all-inclusive pluralistic culture that respects and tries to understand other cultures.’
    • ‘This article is offered for information purposes only and is not intended to be all-inclusive or to address the hazards or risks faced by each member/subscriber specifically.’
    • ‘Chow down on a $50 all-inclusive supper and enjoy a drag show until midnight, or just spend the evening wandering around the complex's many rooms.’
    • ‘I said, unable to stop myself, that her definition seemed a bit all-inclusive and a little shy of rigorous.’
    • ‘Their break with ancient and classical forms moves them closer to clever statements, or disposable pronouncements, rather than all-inclusive world philosophies.’
    • ‘It stretches from the Eight Hours processions by exclusive craft unions in the 1880s to the all-inclusive Ban the Bomb rallies of the 1950s.’
    • ‘We have yet to negotiate with them and reach an all-inclusive agreement.’
    • ‘I fly this route regularly and every time there is a huge, egalitarian, all-inclusive line to enter the gate lounge.’
    • ‘Simpson readily admits that the book ‘covering as it does a large geographical area within a limited space, cannot aim at all-inclusive thoroughness’.’
    • ‘The term ‘awards’ is an all-inclusive term covering any decoration, medal, badge, ribbon, or appurtenance bestowed on an individual or unit.’
    • ‘Not merely a set of guidelines, this philosophy for living is so all-inclusive as to be practically a religion.’
    • ‘Read together, the magazine articles spell out an elaborate, all-inclusive chain of command in this scandal.’
    • ‘About a month ago when my parents suggested they treat me to an opulent, all-inclusive experience over the week of Thanksgiving, it was an offer I simply couldn't refuse.’
    • ‘An all-inclusive search later determined that the washer and retainer had probably fallen out during flight, possibly through the same drain hole that he discovered the bolt in.’
    • ‘The Indonesian elites must abandon their myopic ethno-religious politics and instead promote all-inclusive politics capable of accommodating differences.’
    • ‘Built in 1993, the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel that caters to every taste.’
    • ‘This all-inclusive, no competition, no winning or losing, no getting angry policy of raising and schooling kids is going to cause great problems for these children in the future.’
    • ‘In the process, his own tentative and co-operative methodology was forgotten as his ideas were hardened into a system, increasingly seen as a complete and all-inclusive system, with answers to everything.’
    thorough, in-depth, concentrated, rigorous, exhaustive, all-out, concerted, thoroughgoing
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    1. 1.1 Denoting or relating to a holiday in which all or most meals, drinks, and activities are included in the overall price.
      • ‘It's surely only a matter of a time before an enterprising tour operator starts offering all-inclusive package holidays to the cave networks of Tora Bora.’
      • ‘It's no wonder that all-inclusive vacations - where you pay one flat rate for lodging, all meals and most activities - are on the upswing, and in a big way.’
      • ‘It is an all-inclusive resort, so all meals and drinks are included.’
      • ‘This all-inclusive holiday festival will feature three stages of non-stop music, sumptuous food, creative crafts and interactive fun.’
      • ‘I was hardly allowed out of the house for fears I'd commit a sin and earn an all-inclusive family vacation in the fiery pits of Hell.’
      • ‘The all-inclusive package includes all meals, snacks and drinks, use of tennis courts, a nine-hole golf course and watersports.’
      • ‘This vacation package is all-inclusive, complete with neuroses, vices, and other fine destructive habits.’
      • ‘As well, the reasonably priced all-inclusive packaged deals offered by the Caribbean and Central American countries are like sirens luring the vacationers from the north.’
      • ‘We act more like a species who've bought into an all-inclusive holiday package than people whose home this might actually be.’
      • ‘There's only one essential rule you need to follow when planning an all-inclusive vacation: Read the fine print.’
      • ‘For his troubles, and no doubt a substantial pay cheque, Eric the King picked up the winning trophy and, for his most-valuable-player display, he was presented with an all-inclusive holiday to Portugal.’
      • ‘The all-inclusive package combines meals, lodging, instruction, ski care clinic, equipment demos, yoga classes and massages.’
      • ‘However, as destination spas are more all-inclusive in nature, prices can run the gamut of $200 to $1,200 per day.’
      • ‘And there are ways to spend a lot more, especially if you buy an all-inclusive package that includes both a cruise and golf on several courses.’
      • ‘Cruises appeal to many travelers because they are considered all-inclusive vacations.’
      • ‘Many couples are finding that an all-inclusive honeymoon cruise can make their special getaway after marriage even more special.’
      • ‘The package includes flights from the UK, transfers and all-inclusive accommodation at the Beaches Varadero resort, where activities such as waterskiing and scuba diving come as part of the deal.’
      • ‘We paid £3,000 for an all-inclusive holiday and the food was atrocious.’
      • ‘It was an all-inclusive holiday and we didn't have enough money left to get another room for another three nights so we stayed in a room with two friends we made while we were out there.’
      • ‘An all-inclusive holistic break includes dinner, bed and breakfast, all drinks and coffee, one treatment, optional daily programme of personal development and use of private pool and sauna.’
      general, comprehensive, universal, all-embracing, gross, net, final, inclusive
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