Definition of all-devouring in English:



  • 1Devouring everything.

    ‘a plague of locusts, biblical in its all-devouring horror’
    • ‘The state as an abstract entity took on bodily form and was revealed, in the world wars of the 20th century, to be an all-devouring monster.’
    • ‘Milton represents the insatiable and all-devouring character of Death, by the image of ravenous hunger.’
    • ‘London bowed down before the all-devouring fire as before an idol.’
    • ‘The true Messiah, when he came, delivered man from the dominion of social compulsion, and from all-devouring time itself.’
    • ‘In the late 1830s, the violence of the rhetorical attacks on the "over-grown and all-devouring capitalists" had sent a collective shiver of fear through the ranks of "the owners of property".’
    eating a mixed diet, eating a varied diet, able to eat anything
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    1. 1.1 Completely filling one's mind and attention; all-consuming.
      ‘an all-devouring ambition for leadership’
      • ‘If there is a criticism to be made of some of his earlier work it is that his all-devouring reading occasionally led to clogged expression.’
      • ‘He felt an all-devouring thirst.’
      • ‘There is nothing worse or more tedious than those - professionals or amateurs - for whom archaeology is an all-devouring obsession.’
      • ‘I've experienced two emotions that are equally impossible to describe: happiness to have called him my friend and the overwhelming, all-devouring sense of loss.’
      • ‘Never did I experience such an all-devouring passion for a theme as on that occasion.’