Definition of all-consuming in English:



  • Completely filling one's mind and attention; obsessive.

    ‘the period was one of fiery, all-consuming work for Van Gogh’
    ‘an intimate, all-consuming relationship’
    • ‘The desire to find some kind of Christmas peace became all-consuming.’
    • ‘Despite the all-consuming nature of running a ski area, the Muellers never pushed their children to get involved with the family business.’
    • ‘The book's exultation of romantic selfhood and all-consuming passion was another source of worry for Victorian critics.’
    • ‘Being a reporter is one of the few genuinely all-consuming professions.’
    • ‘Life balance is important, so work shouldn't be all-consuming.’
    • ‘Blogging - if it's done well - has evolved into an all-consuming art.’
    • ‘For Ayres the practice of painting is all-consuming.’
    • ‘"Some of the older managers have warned me that if you're not careful, these all-consuming jobs can ruin your family," he says.’
    • ‘An American psychiatrist based in Vienna begins an affair with one of his patients, and is drawn into an all-consuming passion that threatens to destroy them both.’
    • ‘The rave scene with its sweaty, all-consuming, Ecstasy driven communal rush quickly ballooned into an ideal mode of life for some and a popular weekend event for thousands of others.’
    • ‘Wuthering Heights recounts the all-consuming passion between Heathcliff and Cathy, a love that breeds jealousy, revenge, and tragedy - excellent ingredients for a ballet.’
    • ‘For many women the wish to conceive can be all-consuming.’
    • ‘While there is a strong spiritual component to their existence, it is not all-consuming.’
    • ‘For many years, her mother and Lilette's father were involved in an illicit, passionate and all-consuming affair.’
    • ‘With the Senate gearing up for an all-consuming battle over judicial nominations, Congress has no time to waste.’
    • ‘Taking over the state broadcasting system became an all-consuming obsession.’
    • ‘The all-consuming fervor of the election is subsiding, leaving the president the thankless task of wrestling with the same uncooperative economy that dogged him throughout his first term.’
    • ‘Theirs is an all-consuming love - compulsive, illicit and ultimately futile.’
    • ‘His work was all-consuming, often at the expense of those he loved, and he pursued his ambitions ruthlessly and selfishly.’
    • ‘She makes a convincing argument for finding a life beyond acting and not letting the business of show business be all-consuming.’
    consuming, compulsive, dominating, controlling, obsessional, addictive, fanatical, fanatic, neurotic, excessive, besetting, gripping, haunting, tormenting, inescapable
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