Definition of all-around in English:



  • US term for all-round
    • ‘Renowned for their intense, all-around weirdness, these crazy Texans have been pumping out indescribable ‘music’ for well over two decades.’
    • ‘Jeff was one of the best all-around skaters ever.’
    • ‘Her sister Amy Stewart is an all-around leader on and off the field.’
    • ‘Families enjoyed the fun-filled evening of good music, slapstick comedy and all-around entertainment.’
    • ‘I am jealous of all the talent I see around me, and bitter that the world is not giving me the fame, money and all-around kudos I feel I deserve.’
    • ‘Davis got plenty of help as the Hornets played a superb all-around game.’
    • ‘Leonardo Sbaraglia's Jose, career soldier and all-around serious guy, is tricked by her flashing eyes and cunning words into letting her escape, and thus begins their tragic affair.’
    • ‘Tired of being a pushover and all-around loser, he had traded his notes for a large and rather dangerous-looking stick.’
    • ‘He was also, reputedly, a control freak, religious fanatic and all-around weirdo.’
    • ‘Christian Vieri is, arguably, the best all-around centre forward in the world at the moment, combining finishing, strength and pace.’
    • ‘The cab provides good all-around visibility and sufficient head room for a standing visitor.’
    • ‘Our hero explains that the businessman is actually a smuggler, murderer and all-around bad person.’
    • ‘And finally (as they say on the news) English explorer and all-around legend Sir Ranulph Fiennes runs his seventh marathon in seven days.’
    • ‘Happily, one of the few all-around great blogs has resurrected, returning the web to its deserved richness.’
    • ‘I think of it as one of the first in the category of subtle, all-around feel-good drugs that will eventually be used as casually as caffeine and sugar are today.’
    • ‘Jake R. and a few others provided the best all-around solution to repairing a CD or DVD.’
    • ‘‘In addition to all-around discounts, department stores have to plan novel activities to lure consumers,’ she said.’
    • ‘Griffin's facial expressions and all-around on-screen presence rescue otherwise-floundering scenes at several points.’
    • ‘I had my best qualifying run of my career today and just an all-around great day with practice sessions, too.’
    • ‘Finally, the new government has yet to come up with an all-around package of economic policies.’