Definition of alkaline in English:



  • Having the properties of an alkali, or containing alkali; having a pH greater than 7.

    ‘an alkaline soil’
    Often contrasted with acidic and basic
    ‘a slightly alkaline solution’
    • ‘On the valley floor, freshwater and alkaline soda lakes support a staggering array of birdlife.’
    • ‘In addition to being acid and alkaline, soil can also be sandy or clay.’
    • ‘They may be seen as intermediate between primary alkaline manganese cells and rechargeable Ni-Cd cells.’
    • ‘If these alkaline solutions don't remove all the oil, you can try a solvent.’
    • ‘Liquid bleach used in the laundry is an alkaline solution of hypochlorite ion.’
    • ‘So the demineralization seems to have been in a slightly alkaline solution, not acid.’
    • ‘The primary active ingredients are aluminum salts such as alkaline aluminum chloride.’
    • ‘Manganese deficiency is a common disorder on alkaline soils while its toxicity normally only occurs on strongly acid soils.’
    • ‘Some alkaline solutions may neutralise it but it will play havoc with the base salts.’
    • ‘As the soil solution becomes more alkaline availability increases.’
    • ‘This process requires soil aeration and a neutral or alkaline soil environment.’
    • ‘The wood chips are placed in the digester and are cooked in a highly corrosive alkaline solution.’
    • ‘They contain a non-toxic alkaline emulsifying chemical which has an immediate cooling effect on the oil.’
    • ‘Boxwoods prefer slightly acid to slightly alkaline soil and do very well when planted in early fall.’
    • ‘Decontamination includes washing the skin with alkaline soap and then ethanol.’
    • ‘The precipitate is then treated with acetic acid and an alkaline material.’
    • ‘Values between 7 and 14 are found in basic or alkaline solutions such as caustic or washing soda.’
    • ‘Soluble acid invertase and alkaline invertase were assayed as described previously with some modifications.’
    • ‘This liquid should be an alkaline chemical solution with a PH of more than 7.’
    • ‘The alkaline properties of bicarbonate of soda can also be used to soften the skins of beans and other pulses.’
    corrosive, corroding, mordant, acid, burning, stinging, acrid, harsh, destructive
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