Definition of alive and kicking in English:

alive and kicking


  • Prevalent and very active.

    ‘bigotry is still alive and kicking’
    • ‘Democracy, we are invited to believe, is alive and kicking.’
    • ‘The nurse simply laughed at this, observing that I was indeed alive and kicking, and simply moved on to the next passenger.’
    • ‘Laois were very much alive and kicking and all other pretenders to the crown sat up and took notice after a superb performance at O'Moore Park.’
    • ‘Not receiving any response to a knock on the door, the employee let himself in the room in an effort to determine if she was alive and kicking.’
    • ‘IT seems community spirit is alive and kicking in Swindon.’
    • ‘The message appeared to be clear: in 2004, racial tension in Australia was alive and kicking.’
    • ‘People have been forecasting that for a long time and could I tell you they're still very much alive and kicking.’
    • ‘It needs a demonstration that it is alive and kicking.’
    • ‘This was late 1986, and Doolin's music scene was alive and kicking.’
    • ‘Windsurfers may be a dying breed in the United States, but the sport is alive and kicking on the Italian Riviera.’
    • ‘In the desolate reaches of Africa, the real thrill of hunting a leopard and an elephant is alive and kicking.’
    • ‘History was alive and kicking on Saturday when around 100 people brought their archaeological finds to Westbury Visitor Centre.’
    • ‘Already, despite a hefty 40 per cent tariff, foreign competition is alive and kicking.’
    • ‘All in all, Teddy Hall were deserving winners but with sailing at all levels of the University alive and kicking, they'll have to fight to keep the cup next year.’
    • ‘On the contrary, their availability in computer stores everywhere tells us that it remains alive and kicking.’
    • ‘The staff Christmas party is still alive and kicking, too.’
    • ‘Now in his 60s, Clough is very much alive and kicking, as alert and acerbic as ever, and still with a myriad of views to express on any subject you care to mention.’
    • ‘But the event proved in great style that British brewing is very much alive and kicking.’
    • ‘Post-revolution, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Romanian rugby was alive and kicking.’
    • ‘Neither can he recall the age of his mother's mother who is still alive and kicking in Christchurch today at the grand age of 77 or 78.’
    living, live, having life, not dead
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