Definition of aliform in English:



  • Wing-shaped.

    • ‘The adjustment mechanism includes an aliform plate, a guide plate and an insert plate, and the aliform plate includes a pulling plate and a leading plate.’
    • ‘Pterospora refers to the aliform wings of the epispore.’
    • ‘Large objects brought into tube are detected by cilia on the head and shunted to either side; the aliform notopodia are then raised to let the large objects pass, thus avoiding damage to the bag.’
    • ‘Types of paratracheal parenchyma are scanty paratracheal, vasicentric, aliform, confluent, and unilateral paratracheal.’
    • ‘The wood of Mimosa teniflora presents porous distributed in uniform diffuse porosity; axial parenchyma paratracheal vasicentric, confluent vasicentric, aliform and confluent aliform; and very short fibers with thick walls.’


Early 18th century: from modern Latin aliformis, from Latin ala ‘wing’ + -formis (see -form).