Definition of alienate someone's affections in English:

alienate someone's affections


US Law
  • Induce someone to transfer their affection from a person (such as a spouse) with legal rights or claims on them.

    ‘he sued him for alienating his wife's affections’
    • ‘The young man, in his efforts to extricate the young woman from her problems, manages to alienate her affections while arousing the enmity of her powerful protector.’
    • ‘Dr. Chapin never attempted in any way to alienate my affections from father.’
    • ‘Austerity and sternness will alienate his affections, and severe words will sting him to the quick.’
    • ‘That modest discovery, with the consequent madness of incessant composition, alienated my affections from the hospital.’
    • ‘The waif seemed eager to get inside, but I didn't want to alienate her affections if she had a home.’